Why You Should Only Invest In Bongs That Have Glass Pipes In Australia

When it comes to the topic of smoking, people could argue about the pros and cons of this all the live long day. For some, they associate anything to do with smoking with cigarettes and so will automatically think that it is something bad that will make people sick. For others, they are well aware that humans from all different cultures and countries have been smoking for centuries and that this is something that is completely natural.

For instance, tobacco was used in many shamanistic rituals and it wasn’t until the manufacturing industry arrived where this become something wide spread. Harmful chemicals were then added to tobacco which had lead to the medical discoveries that have condemned cigarettes today. But as one could imagine, smoking tobacco on it’s own every now and then may not be that big of a deal. Having said this, people should still be cautious and should do their research and so here is why you should only invest in glass bongs in Australia.


When people decide to create a homemade option out of a garden hose instead of using bongs that have glass pipes, they are likely ingesting micro plastics

glass bongs

For many years now, people have been going down the affordable route when it comes to smoking and so will decide to go with some kind of home made option using a regular old garden hose. While this is something that is extremely easy for people to get their hands on without any judgement, this doesn’t mean that this is the kind of material that should be heated up. When people do heat something up that is made out of plastic, there’s not only a risk that the material that could melt but there is also a risk that certain chemicals inside of that plastic will leech out.

Sometimes this is known as micro plastics and is not something that people want to be breathing into their lungs. So for those who do happen to believe that smoking is something that is natural, it is important to indeed keep it natural. Thankfully, people can easily achieve this when they only use bongs that have glass pipes so that they are only heating up a type of material that isn’t going to leech out chemicals or small particles.


You should only invest in bongs that have glass pipes in Australia because they are likely to last longer

When people do enjoy having a smoke every now and again, it can be important to have paraphernalia that is going to be ready for them when they want to use it. Otherwise, when people are having a stressed out day and they want to sit down and relax, they may find that their item is broken or it is dirty and doesn’t look healthy to smoke out of. This is why it can be such a good idea to only invest in bongs that have glass pipes in Australia because they are likely to last longer.

As this is the type of material that tends to last longer, people also won’t have to go through lots of different materials which is wasteful. At the end of the day, while this might be a controversial topic, people are entitled to do whatever they like with their bodies and so they can have a smoke every now and again. Having said this, people can be a little bit safer when they are willing to invest in bongs that only have glass pipes in Australia.