Lygon Street – A Must-See Part Of The Melbourne

It’s no surprise that Melbourne is one of the friendliest and most livable cities in the World and Lygon Street is a must-see part of the Melbourne. Carlton is one of the favourite suburbs of Melbourne even if the mighty “Blues” Carlton Football Club (Australian Football League) is on the ropes! You’ll find Lygon Street a 15 minute walk, taxi or tram ride up the incline leading from the Yarra River, through Melbourne CBD. Melbourne if the capital city of the state of Victoria, in Australia.

Melbourne is famous for it’s shopping and food but in Carlton, near Melbourne University, you’ll find a range of shops and restaurants which attract locals and visitors alike all year round. In October 2013 the Melbourne Festival adds another layer of things to do. The Melbourne Aquarium has a giant Crocodile on display atm and the Melbourne Zoo is always a great way to spend an afternoon (take a hat in summer).

Melbourne is the fashion and arts capital of Australia with famous landmarks such as The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG, or “G”), Rod Laver Arena, Yarra River, and Port Philip Bay. Melbourne has some of the most well behaved and courteous drivers in Australia so its only fair to appraise you of some of the rules: Check out our recent article and remember that hospitality, eating out and all that can be a lot of fun but plan your way home in advance.

A lot can happen between now and Christmas, and I think it might be a very interesting time to visit Australia’s culture capital and take in the vibe. Further afield, one of my favorite places is City Wine Shop at 159 Spring Street.