Shop Open Hours And Checking The Freshness Of The Meat

When you go to a shop it is important to find out the shop open hours. You don’t have to worry about shop open hours if we are talking about online stores as they remain open 24×7. Now speaking of buying meat during shop open hours, most people are intimidated as they feel they don’t know how to gauge the freshness and quality of the meat. They really don’t know what to look for when they buy during shop open hours. Besides, you could be totally confused about different meat cuts as well. But they should know that it is not that easy to tell the quality of the meat when we buy during shop open hours. You can visit officeworks anytime. Here in this article we will learn more about learning to gauge the quality and freshness of the meat when you purchase during shop open hours.


Things to keep in mind

Let’s take look at the most important things to keep in mind as far as finding the quality of meat is considered:

  • Buy from the right butcher– In order to make sure that you buy quality meat you should always buy it from a good butcher. You should look for an independent butcher who buys meat from local farms. This will ensure good quality. But butchers of that kind are getting extinct these days. We recommend asking around; you can ask friends and family. You can also ask the people in your locality.
  • Supermarket –Another option is to buy from supermarket. We cannot really vouch for the quality of the meat provided in the supermarkets. In that case, you need to look into certain things to gauge the quality.
  • Finding well butchered meat– When it comes to a good butcher, he will put emphasis on the quality of the product that he sells. You will find well-butchered cuts of meat on display. Though it is not the final word on quality, it is still a good indication. The meat cuts must same size and thickness. Moreover, you should ensure that the cuts are smooth with uneven parts, ragged edges or hacked bits.
  • Color of meat– Another important thing is the color of the meat. This is an extremely important parameter. Color of the meat can be dependent on the factors like the type of animal and the type of cut. But fresh meat is supposed to have vibrant and rich color. If the color to be uniform throughout the meat then it is a good indication. Discolored spots are not a good indication. In that case, you should stay away from buying it.

Texture of meat – Yes, the texture of the meat is equally important too, in order to gauge the quality. You should take a closer look at the grain of the meat. By grain we mean the direction of muscle fibers. You need to find out how tight or uniform it looks. If you find the grain to be uneven, broken or very loose then it is better not to buy such meat. This might be suggestive of poor handling or poor quality. You should consider all these things when you head to a shop during shop open hours.