Why It Is Important To Hire A Qualified Wasp Exterminator

One of the best things about living in Australia and owning a suburban home is when you can relax on a veranda or balcony and enjoy some outdoor relaxation. This paradise can be quickly ruined when a wasp nest materialised on or around your home, and at this point the best course of action is to hire a professional wasp exterminator.

These flying insects are notoriously aggressive and make a bee sting look like a minor pinch in comparison. It’s only natural that you would want to do your best to remove this pest and protect your family (including pets) from nasty stings.

Let’s take a look at why it’s so important to hire a professional wasp exterminator.


1.   You can’t do it yourself

When people discover a nest in or around their home, a lot of sensible people know that they need to call a professional wasp exterminator. However, there are countless videos online of people trying to remove nests using DIY methods, ranging from swatting at it with a broom to using an aerosol can and lighter as a makeshift-flamethrower (seriously).

These amateur attempts are a waste of time at best and a danger to people and property at worst. Not only are you going to have a swarm of angry stingy insects coming after you, but you could also potentially risk lives with the methods you use.

Don’t take the risk – hire a qualified and experienced wasp exterminator. They will use special chemicals to neutralise the nest and remove it without taking any unnecessary risks that could pose a risk to your family or home.


2.   They are dangerous

As mentioned, these insects have a reputation for being highly aggressive towards anything that strays too close to their nest. They don’t even make honey! These guys can swarm and attack you at once, which can cause severe allergies and even death in some extreme cases.

This is why you need to hire a professional wasp exterminator who has the correct training and equipment to safely deal with the nest so that you don’t have to worry about it anymore. These insects are not eco-friendly like bees are, so you don’t have to feel bad about killing them.

However, if you do want to relocate rather than destroy the next, there are services that can do that. This service may cost more than simply destroying the nest, however.


3.   They aren’t to be neglected

Having a nest on the exterior of your home or in your backyard somewhere is not something you want to just ignore and try to avoid in your everyday life. One day you or a child may forget about its presence and end up being stung because you weren’t careful.

It’s much smarter to simply eliminate this threat before it can cause complications in your life by calling a professional wasp exterminator to deal with the problem as soon as you discover it is there. While it will have an upfront cost, the peace of mind you get from having the problem dealt with by a reputable professional is well worth it.


4.   They could attack your neighbours

Lastly, if nothing else then you should hire a wasp exterminator so that your neighbours don’t fall victim to an attack from the nest. Depending on where it is on your home it could share a fence with neighbours and be a problem for them as well. You need to let them know about it and that you plan to deal with it. They will probably offer to help pay for the service since they know it will help them too.