Must Visit Places In Australia

1: Climb Up Mount Cradle

And in fronta of the cultural face of Tasmania, Mount Cradle is its most natural part. This steep mountain, carved by millennia of ice and wind is the most recognizable and spectacular of the island. The summit offers incredible landscapes of the region; to ascend and to descend, it takes a whole day (and climbing the rocks). You can also admire it from below and fill yourself with perfect images of the mountain with Dove Lake at your feet. If clouds or snow cover the summit, the traveler can take refuge next to the fire in one of the nearby hostels and return the next day.

2: The Last Frontier: Broome And Northwestern Australia

Agreste, remote and of incredible beauty, the final edge promises excellent adventures. The fiery plains dotted with spinifex and baobabs hide waterfalls and on their lonely coasts other beaches and reefs. The distances are enormous, and the towns are scarce, but there are three enclaves declared World Heritage: Shark Bay, Ningaloo, and Purnululu; Broome is one of the great crossroads of travelers and the Dampier Peninsula, a great experience: extraordinary cliffs, reddish lands, indigenous cultural backgrounds, and luxury campsites.

3: Canberra Museums And Art Galleries

The Australian capital is only a century old and was built expressly to serve as an administrative center, but has always been concerned with history. Its main attraction is the set of museums and art galleries focused on the interpretation of national history, such as the National Gallery of Australia, the National Museum of Australia, the National Portrait Gallery and the Australian War Memorial, which offer an introduction to the history and the culture of the country.

4: Rural Life In The Margaret River Region

I Western Australia can be enjoyed with the pleasure of traveling rural roads visiting one winery after another. But you can also visit caves and historical centers and hallucinate before the wildflowers. Surfers enjoy the first breaks next to Margaret River and will find many pristine white sand beaches. In the late winter and early spring, migratory whales can be spotted on the “Humpback Highway.”

5: The ‘Outback’ And Broken Hill

The Oodnadatta Track of South Australia or the Birdsville Track of southwest Queensland is part of the outback. There the sky is bluer and the dust redder, the days are measured in kilometers, mounds and blowouts of wheels and the nights are spent in hotels of five trillion stars, waiting for some to fall … If there is little time, you can go to the town of Broken Hill, the farthest from the coast that can be reached in one day.