Getting There

We arrived from Tasmania on The Spirit of Tasmania II and found the short drive from Station Pier at 7.30 am was a breeze. We suggest you buy yourself a ‘Melways’ or similar publication so that you can find your way around and it pays to plan your route so that you don’t spend ages trying to find a place to turn if you go through and intersection where you were meant to turn off.

While we took the ferry, if you don’t need your car it is faster and cheaper to fly. Check out to make sure you get the best value for money.

06630002.jpg 35.2KEveryone knows where Lygon St is, so don’t be afraid to ask for directions. If you head straight up Russell St from the city it runs straight into Lygon Street, Carlton. The restaurant precinct starts at 1 Lygon St and extends through to about 340 or so, and there are about 100 places to eat from which to choose. The ones I have tried and whose menus appear here, naturally are recommended. What you perceive as superb, I can only guess, but it’s a safe bet that Lygon St will serve your appetite at any time of the day or night.