Benefits and Advantages of Laser Cutting

Manufacturing companies are coming up with different types of technologies to improve the quality of the product. One such amazing technology that was introduced was laser cutting. Laser cutting machine uses extreme heat to cut down the metal. The heat generated is so high that the metal is cut instantly upon contact. Since the machine is fully automated, all that needs to be done is create a design in a CAD and let the machine do the job. The reason why laser cutting is preferred nowadays is because of the quality. The cut is very precise and almost zero error occurs in laser cutting.

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Benefits of using laser cutting:

  • Laser cutting is very easy to use. It requires no extra machining jobs. Thus it eliminates the need of other machining jobs. The process of using it is very simple. Just upload the design and place the sheet under the laser head. The rest will be handled by the laser cutting machine. It saves a lot of money which would have spent on printing services near me.
  • All kind of metal sheets can be cut with the help of laser cutting. It is even better than plasma cutting in some sense like the accuracy of cutting. Some laser cutting machines can even cut through thick metals which is even far more better than plasma cutting.
  • Since the great generated from the laser is constant, the cutting will be completely accurate as the laser beam will not wear off during the cutting process.
  • All kind of complex shapes and be cut with the help of laser cutting. Once the sheet is placed in position, the machine will handle the rest.
  • Earlier, a lot of tools were needed to cut a sheet of metal. But now there is no need of tools in the cutting process.
  • Laser cutting can also cut small diameter holes in the sheets with extreme accuracy. It is not very easy to cut manually.

Advantages of laser cutting :

  • Since the machine is not the metal physically, the damage to the material is minimized to a great extent. The cutting is done with the help of laser beam which uses heat to melt the metal.
  • Since very few machine parts are operating during the process, the cost is reduced significantly. It consumes very less power during the cutting process.
  • Since the cutting takes place inside a tight confined place, it is one of the safest way of cutting a metal as no direct contact is needed. The operator doesn’t need to touch the metal and so it is completely safe.
  • Since heat is used to cut the material, it can be used to cut all types of material like steel, aluminium, copper, diamond and much more. It won’t have any problem cutting them. The only difference would be the time consumption.

No matter how complex the design is, the laser cutting machine will have no problem in cutting it. The precision of the machine is very accurate. So the chances of error is almost zero.