5 Benefits Of Getting A Rapid Blood Test Online

Serology analysis possesses a wide variety of benefits for the patient. By assessing a person’s bodily fluids, like their red and white cells, doctors and specialists identify the occurrence of a specific medical condition. Indeed, getting a blood test online is very important in many circumstances, especially if you suffer from anaemia, have a history of heart disease or have recently started a new medication. Some medications can inhibit the function of your organs (like Roaccutane), so it’s vital that your antibodies, red cells and white cells are evaluated often. Technology has paved the way forward when it comes to ground-breaking medical practices and it now means that patients can get access to the medical resources they need with greater convenience. So, here are several reasons why you should organise your referral for your blood test online.


Time saver

One of the big benefits of organising your blood test online is the amount of time you will save. We all lead busy lives and if the thought of organising your next appointment feels daunting, you’re more than likely to keep putting it off. However, if you knew the process was streamlined and simple, you wouldn’t even worry. In fact, getting your blood test online is as simple as logging into a secured medical portal that offers web-based consultations with recognised GPs in Australia. Once you’ve been connected to a doctor, all you need to do is tell him/her your symptoms and request an exam. Long gone are the days when you HAD to call up your doctor, organise a time that most likely didn’t suit your schedule and then find your way to their medical practice.


From the comfort of your own home

woman looking at her laptop screen while sipping her coffee

Not only does organising your blood test online save you a lot of time, but it’s also a comfortably feeling to know that you can do it from your own home. All you need is access to a smart device, computer or laptop with a viable internet connection. Once your consultation is completed, your referral will be emailed to you promptly so you can begin organising your appointment with a trained phlebotomist (someone who performs the examination and takes the fluids away for assessment).


It’s great if you can’t leave the home

Obviously, getting your blood test online is a necessity if you can’t leave the house for whatever reason. You might have young children who need supervision, or you might be seriously ill and not well enough to leave the home. If you don’t want to go around spreading your illness to other people at your GP’s medical centre, organising a blood test online is a safe, conscious decision.


Live remotely

Likewise, you also might live in a highly remote area, where access to medical centres and resources is minimal. If this is the case for you, getting in touch with a doctor via a web-based medical platform could well be your only effective, short-term option.


It’s still safe and confidential

As you can imagine, one of the supposed “drawbacks” of organising your blood test online is the lack of security and confidentiality. However, this couldn’t be further from the actual truth. Australia has incredibly high medical standards and regulatory powers, ensuring that medical practices are held accountable for their actions. You can rest assured that anything you discuss about your results from the pathology exam or any personal/sensitive about your medical condition will not be shared or made public in any capacity.

So, do you think that your medical consultations could be handled a lot faster if you were using web-based portals? Don’t delay and start researching today.